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Access the most advanced quantum computers in the world. Learn, simulate, and run algorithms in a quantum computing environment. Analyze datasets faster and more accurately than ever before.

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Let’s unlock the beauty of non-traditional compute

By exploring quantum computing, you’ll discover innovative technologies and newer, faster ways of tackling typical problems.

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Latest QPUs and emulators
NVIDIA GPU Emulators,
Rigetti, IonQ QPUs
Quantum Monte Carlo
Risk analysis – VaR, CVar
Derivative pricing
Quantum AI solutions
Portfolio Optimization
Fraud Detection

Experiment with Quantum Algorithms

Shor’s Algorithms

Shor’s algorithm is a quantum algorithm developed by Peter Shor in 1994 that can efficiently factor large numbers into their prime factors. Factoring large numbers is a difficult problem for classical computers - and that fact is forming the foundation of many modern-day cryptographic algorithms.

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Grover’s Algorithms

It is commonly known that quantum computers offer superior speed when it comes to searching databases compared to classical computers. This enhanced capability is demonstrated by Grover's algorithm, created by an Indian-American computer scientist Lov Grover in 1996.

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We believe great things happen when experts in complimenting areas combine their efforts. Hence we partner with the best hardware and qubit control companies to deliver the best results.

Effortless Integration

Use BlueQubit’s SDK to easily connect your development environment to the Quantum Computer so that both code changes and the implementation are run through quantum.

You’ll be amazed at the speed of quantum computing vs. traditional computing.

Fastest Simulators and QPUs
Compatible with Cirq & Qiskit
Simulate up to 40qubits with 3 lines of code

How it works

Build your quantum algorithms through an SDK

Test your algorithms on a quantum simulator

Run your algorithms on a quantum computer millions of times faster

Analyze the results of quantum algorithms

Build your quantum algorithms through an SDK

Test your algorithms on a quantum simulator

Run your algorithms on a quantum computer millions of times faster

Analyze the results of quantum algorithms

Test for yourself

Early adopters will benefit the most from the Quantum Advantage

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Run Quantum from my PC

Frequently asked questions

Can I access a Quantum Computer?
Yes! We support Rigetti’s 79-qubit Aspen-M-3 quantum computer. It comes online only 5 hours a day but you can submit and queue jobs to it any time!
What applications can I use Quantum Computers for?
Current Quantum Computers are not stable and large enough to perform production-grade computation yet.
However, they are great to get experience with programming and executing quantum code.
Also, researchers and more advanced users run programs on quantum computers to study the noise and make software making quantum computations more stable.
What is a Quantum Computing Simulator?
While actual Quantum Computers are scarce and expensive today, everyone can use regular computers to run (or simulate) quantum programs on regular computers. This can happen only for limited quantum programs since in general quantum computers are exponentially hard to simulate.
We support 34-qubit CPU and 36-qubit GPU simulators available 24/7 to our users.
What programming languages can I use?
To interact with our platform you need to use our BlueQubit Python SDK. It relies on popular Python libraries for quantum circuit generation such as Qiskit and Cirq.
How do I get started?
Head over to https://app.bluequbit.io/docs and get started with our examples right away!

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Welcoming community

Apart from providing you with access to quantum computers, BlueQubit ensures you also access a vibrant community of researchers and engineers ready to lend a helping hand whenever you have a question or an issue.

Learning resources

Access learning resources on quantum computing. Scan through the learning materials, guides, and resources available to help you become a proficient user of everything quantum.